Velvet Ditch Coffee Roasters Debuts Microlot Coffee from Kenya

Big, bold and savory! That’s how this microlot coffee from Kenya can be described. This is a very special coffee from the Hinga family of the Machure Coffee Estate. The family-owned estate is located in Thika, a commerce hub in Kiambu County that borders Nairobi City, sitting at 1,500 masl on the central highlands characterized by hills, plateaus, and elevations that reach 1,800 masl (that’s 5,905 feet!!!).

What is a microlot? Microlots are special lots of coffee, selected for their unique flavor profiles and high quality. The Machure Coffee Estate grows this Kenya AA coffee in limited quantities. The coffee is handled with extra care, being picked and processed entirely separately from the rest of the farm’s lots.

So, how does this coffee taste? Upon cupping this coffee our tasters detected notes of coca-cola (amazing and delicious), fig (so flavorful), chocolate (who doesn’t love cocoa?!), plum (surprisingly delightful) and blackberry (smooth and bold). This coffee scored 87.25 and is very memorable in the cup.

In case you were wondering…in addition to coffee production, the Hinga family also cultivates horticulture and maize alongside sheep and goat-rearing. It’s all good for the soil! The subtropical highland climate in Thika is sunny most of the year, with two rainy seasons in spring and fall. Coffee thrives in the rich red volcanic soil, and the Machure Coffee Estate varieties are exceptionally balanced with high-yielding, disease-resistant plants.

The harvest season is October to December…praying for another great harvest year!