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How to Store Ground Coffee

  Question: Should you keep ground coffee in the fridge? Answer: No, whole beans and ground coffee should never be stored in the fridge or the freezer. Coffee will absorb the moisture in the fridge and freezer and that means the flavor of the beans will be affected. Quick Tips for Coffee Storage: Store coffee […]

Coffee Drinkers Live Longer

It’s the first thing many Americans drink in the morning, and has become a daily ritual for 66 percent of adults. Nevertheless, past studies suggested that coffee was to blame for stunting growth, the risk of heart disease and increased blood pressure. Those studies didn’t always reveal that heavy coffee drinkers also tended to be […]

What is Acidity in the Coffee Cup?

What is acidity in green coffee beans? Will it be good or bad once it’s roasted into drinkable coffee beans? Let’s take a look and consider what is acidity in your daily cup of coffee. By definition, acidity in coffee means there is a high level of acid (or acidy) in the coffee which results […]