What is Acidity in the Coffee Cup?

What is acidity in green coffee beans? Will it be good or bad once it’s roasted into drinkable coffee beans? Let’s take a look and consider what is acidity in your daily cup of coffee.

By definition, acidity in coffee means there is a high level of acid (or acidy) in the coffee which results in a sharp quality when you taste it.  High acidy coffees have a pleasantly sharp taste or appetizing flavor.  The right amount of acidity gives coffee snap and produces a liveliness in the cup.  It makes your cup of coffee memorable.

Depending on how the green coffee beans were roasted, the acidity will be high, medium, low or somewhere in between.  Understand that with low acidity, you will taste a flat or distinct dullness in the cup.  The coffee will be uninspiring.

So, how do you find higher acidity coffees?  Buy Velvet Ditch Coffee and enjoy perfection in your daily cup of coffee.  Velvet Ditch Coffee sources green coffee beans that are grown at higher elevations.  That’s one of the secrets to great coffee!

Higher acidity coffees are grown at higher elevations, meaning the coffee plant is grown above 1,200 meters (4,000 feet).  At a higher elevation, the coffee plant can develop slower, drinking in all the rich nutrients from the sun, soil, rain and environment.  Therefore, the nutrient-dense green coffee beans will produce more flavor and healthy organic compounds in the coffee.  Higher elevation beans mean superior quality, flavor and aroma in the cup.