BOLD BUCK (Available Dec. 2023)


Charred Oak • Caramel • Cinnamon • Chocolate

6 oz bag

Special Edition! Limited Release! Available December 2023!

Starting with our finest Guatemalan coffee beans, we age and churn them in a Blanton’s Barrel for 21 days. From there, the bourbon-kissed beans are hand-roasted in small batches to a medium–dark roast creating the one-of-a-kind flavor profile of Velvet Ditch Coffee Roasters’ BOLD BUCK.

The depths of flavor found in BOLD BUCK reflect the rare spirits of the Kentucky bourbon barrel in which these Specialty Guatemalan beans churned. Tasting notes include caramel, cherry and cinnamon with hints of walnut and pecan. The nose is a beautiful bouquet of chocolate cordial with charred oak, baking spices and a subtle sweetness from the roasted Guatemalan coffee beans and Kentucky bourbon influence.

We are thrilled with the outcome of this special holiday release and only have a limited supply. So get yours before it’s gone!

Best served as a pour over, drip, French press, espresso, on ice and even over your favorite ice cream. It can also be used in pound cakes and martinis for a special treat!

Roast: Medium–Dark

Body: Medium

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