Two Most Common Coffee Beans Coffee Drinkers Love

Short Answer:  Robusta and arabica coffee beans are the two most common beans enjoyed by coffee drinkers around the world. Regarding cultivation: About 75% of the world’s coffee production is arabica with about 25% being robusta.

Long Answer:  Robusta and arabica are two of the most popular types of coffee beans. While both varieties of beans have their own unique flavor profiles, there are several distinct differences between them.

Robusta beans are known for their higher caffeine content. They have a stronger flavor compared to arabica beans and grow at lower altitudes. Robusta is more resistant to pests and disease and the plant produces more cherries than arabica. Robusta beans are traditionally cheaper too. They are usually used in blends or espresso-based drinks because of their bitter taste.

On the other hand, arabica is a higher quality coffee bean as the farmer gives the plant much care and attention. The high quality is tied to elevation as arabica plants thrive at higher altitudes between 3,000 to 6,000 feet or more.  At high altitudes the cool nights slow down the growth of coffee cherries, allowing the plant to slowly develop its refined flavors. Arabica beans have a more delicate flavor and lower caffeine content. They are considered a Specialty coffee due to their unique flavor characteristics and high quality, making them also more expensive. Speciality coffee is graded 80 points or above on a 100 point scale by a certified coffee taster or by a licensed Q Grader, according to the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

Velvet Ditch Coffee Roasters only buys green Specialty coffee beans and hand roasts each batch to perfection. These single origin coffee beans are special and each roast  showcases the beans’ unique flavors and aromas. Velvet Ditch Coffee’s Ethiopia Guji is an organic Specialty coffee with a score of 87, making it a distinct cup of coffee.

Coffee roasting is both a science and an art form, requiring a high degree of knowledge and experience to produce specialty level roast profiles. That is what Velvet Ditch Coffee Roasters is all about — bringing a unique tasting experience to its followers by roasting green coffee beans using the highest standard of quality.